About us

Thanks for stopping by, I am so glad to have you here!
I am  Yuvapriya, a Stay-At-Home-Mother of a happy toddler, J & a proud wife of an awesome Husband! And we are the happy souls behind the Blog! <3

I was a Software Engineer by profession, Then I had to quit my career only to become a Full-Time-Mother of my little Pattu. And I am immensely happy with my decision.

To be proud, I am a Cloth Diapering Mother, a Breastfeeding & Babywearing Enthusiastic and a Believer in Respectful Parenting. After all I am always thriving to be a better version of myself as a parent:)

Routinely I plan my day in such a way that I can spend quality time with my pattu, so as to reduce his screen-time as well as his tantrums upto some extent. Hence we involve ourselves in more Fun play, Simple activities, Book reads, Crazy Crafty works at home! Eventually I have created loads of up-cycled DIY puzzles, games & printable activity sheets on my own! 

Later when I realized that it is important to document such things we do at home, in order to cherish the memories someday & also to share our joy with as many kids as possible, here we created “Joy of MommingJ”. Now I promise to keep this space useful for you:)

A Friendly reminder to Parents
Believe, You are the BEST in your own way! Every kid is different and has their own ability to achieve great heights in life. All that we need to do is to shower unconditional love on them. Hence I would strongly suggest you not to feel bad if you can not implement anything I mention here!
All these Subjects & 
Skills remain secondary inside a family!!
In the end, countless laughs & hugs remains forever in any relationship!!!
Raising a socially responsible, happy human is what matters the most !!!!

Stay happy!