DIY Spin Board – Colorful cars

Made this colorful cars spin board for little J who is extremely passionate about vehicles.
We managed to play few simple games by using this spinner, let me list out those at the end of this post 🙂
Required things:
Round shaped cardboard sheets – 2
Plain paper
Color pens
Split pins or small screw
On one of the cardboard sheets(sheet-1), draw & cut the outline of car or any other shapes based on kid’s interest.
On plain paper create 4 or more partitions & paint them with required colors.
Then glue the painted paper on another cardboard sheet(sheet-2).
Place the sheet-1 on sheet-2 and fasten them with ‘split pin’ or ‘screw’ in the centre which enables the spinning action.
Thats it!!
Now the spin board is all set to have fun!!!
Few simple fun games we played with this spin board are as follows:
1. Spinning the car & Naming its color one by one.
2. Spinning & stopping at particular Color car which we ask for.
3. Color Match the toy cars and park it around the spin board
4. Tressure hunt with box full of toy cars by finding particular color car we choose randomly from spin board
Fun guaranteed!!!😊

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