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Easy & Quick Handmade Toy Ideas for Kids

A perfect no-prep DIY Paper cup toy for toddlers on this curfew period, Because, this requires only basic items which are mostly available at home! Moreover, anyone can create this toy even if you consider yourself a non-crafty person who does not want to put your hands on DIYs!

Come on!  just give it a try!!😊

Things required: DIY Paper cup Toy Craft

The first step is to quickly collect everything I have listed below!

Things required to create the DIY Owl Toy

1.Paper cups – 1 or 2 (Alternatively plastic cups or bowls of small sizes can also be used)

2. A Rubber band or string

3. A Battery – We can also use the old one which you are about to throw.

4.Craft paper of any color– Optional Here I have used yellow color craft paper readily, as I was too lazy to paint, So it’s totally your wish. and

5.Stationery stuff such as Pencil, stapler, Knife, Color pens, tape

Let me start by explaining the step by step procedure. In case you feel any of the steps or pictures is unclear, please drop your comments for clarifications. I am always happy to help you 🙂

Step-by-step procedure: DIY Jumping Animal

Step 1A pic showing how a battery is attached to the rubber band

First, Place a Rubber_band around the battery and attach them using sellotape as shown below.

Step 2 Showing how the battery is attached to the paper cup
Then, make 4 cuts on top of one of the paper cups & staple the ends of the rubber_band by inserting them into those cuts as shown below.
Step 3
Back view of DIY Owl Toy
After that, draw an animal or anything that your kid would love to see it jump/hop & then, paste the cut-out over another paper cup or use the same cup. Here, I have chosen owl as per J’s wish and took another cup so as to reuse the battery attached cup for different animal toy😊

That’s it!! We need to twist the rubber band as much as possible and place it immediately on the floor before releasing it. Kiddos will love watching their favorite animal wobbling & moving!
Are you curious to know the simple mechanism behind this?
Know how this works
To elder kids, the science behind this can be explained as follows.
When we stretch a rubber band it stores potential energy. Specifically, it stores elastic potential energy which is the type of energy stored when a material is deformed. And when you release it all, that stored energy has to go somewhere. So when we launch the rubber band across on floor surface, the potential energy is converted to kinetic energy, the energy of motion. That is why the paper cup is moving forward or backward direction according we twisted the battery before! Amazing!! isn’t it?

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