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Letter C Activities for Preschoolers | Free Printable

Learning letter sounds and letter formation through fun activities will make that process extremely simple and easy for toddlers. In this post, I am sharing the Letter C activities we have done so far.

Letter C Activity and Craft Shelf Unit

What can you expect in this post?

  • Easy and Simple Crafts to learn Letter C
  • Letter formation activities for Preschoolers
  • Fine motor activities for Letter C
  • Sensory tray or Tressure Basket for Letter C
  • Free Printable Chart/Flashcards for Letter C
  • Available Free Resources for Preschool Letter C activities

Easy and Simple Crafts to learn Letter C

C is for crafts! Thus, we made sure that we have done at least one ‘Letter C related craft’ every day during the week. Also, we have chosen the crafts which are very easy and interesting for toddlers to perform with no or minimal help.

1. Paper Cup ‘Cow’ Craft

On day one, we did this super cute Paper Cup Cow Craft and it is absolutely fun for toddlers of any age.

Things Required: a Paper Cup, Black Paint, Googly Eyes, Paper Nose, Pipe Cleaner to use as horns, Fevicol.

Image of paper cup cow made by the kid

First, let the kid paint randomly on the paper cup, and then, ask them to paste other features appropriately using glue. In fact, Kids always love any activities that involve paint or glue work. So, the cow craft has become a huge hit in our case. Then, while doing the activity, I offered only minimal help as and when required.

2. Paper Plate ‘Cookie’ Craft

On the second day, we have chosen the Paper Plate Cookie Craft. Because, Cookies are J’s most favorite, just like any other kids!

Things Required: a Paper Plate, Brown Paint(Mix a few drops of white to get the desired color), Dot Stickers to use as Choco-chips.

Paper Plate Cookie Craft for toddlers

Look, the delicious paper plate cookie requires only very few craft items.

  • First, he has quickly painted the paper plate brown.
  • Then, he placed dot stickers all over the plate.

Thats it! The yummiest paper plate cookie is ready!!

3. ‘Carrot’ Count, Cut and Paste Activity

On the next day, we have done a cut and paste activity which also includes counting. For elder kids, we can include even more numbers!

Things Required: Color Craft papers (as shown in the pic), Kid-safe Scissor, Glue.

Paper Plate Cookie Craft for toddlersCount, Cut and Paste Carrot craft

Through cut and paste activity, toddlers can practice scissors on both zig-zag & Straight lines. Overall, the activity is a great way to work on fine motor skills with Scissors & Glue.

4. ‘Cupcake’ Craft

On the fourth day, it was the most beautiful cupcake craft. Of course, the reason is our love for cupcakes. After all, how could we miss cupcakes!!

Things Required: a Paper Plate, Thermocol balls, Color Paper strips, Pompom, Foam Popsicle stick pieces, Pipe cleaner pieces, Glue, and Cardboard base to use as a cup.

Things required for Cup cake CraftCupcake Craft made by my toddler

For toppings, please choose anything of your choice from your craft supplies. Here also, I have taken only the things available at home.

5. ‘Caterpillar’ Nature Craft

On the last day, we have formed a Caterpillar with just green leaves from our backyard.

Things Required: few green leaves & a few bottle lids & Sticks.


Creating Caterpillar using Mango Leaves

Here, I have drawn a caterpillar outline on a sheet to use as a base. Then, a few bottle lids to use on Caterpillar’s Face.

In fact, You can carry out this simple activity during the nature walk or outdoor play hours.

Letter Formation Activities for Preschoolers

Simultaneously, we have done few Letter formation activities to understand and identify the letter. Presently, Little J is too young to hold a pen and practice writing. So, we have practiced Letter formation only through Tracing and Painting activities. Also, I have listed some more ideas from Pinterest for you all!

6. Caterpillar Coloring Page

I feel so glad that I have found a beautiful Caterpillar Coloring page to include as a part of our Letter C activities. Especially, the Letter C-shaped Caterpillar appears very exciting for kids to practice letter formation!

Coloring Caterpillar in the form of letter C

Thank you so much, education dot com, for this amazing coloring page. My toddler had thoroughly enjoyed it.

7. Painting the Letter C outline with Cars

Painting the outline of the C with cars is a fantastic way to practice letter formation.

Things Required: Few mini Hotwheels Cars, Paint & Sheets.

My toddler was so excited to perform this activity just because he loves anything and everything that belongs to vehicles. Also, we have used cardboard sheets to avoid damages while painting.

8. Tracing Letter C with Cotton

C is for Cotton. So, the next Letter Formation Activity is with cotton. Of course, this activity is simple and inexpensive.

Things Required:  Cotton, Glue & Plain Paper or Cardboard sheet.

Also, we can replace glue with contact paper for younger kids. In that case, cut the contact paper in C-shape and ask kids to place the cotton on it. In both ways, Kids will have absolute fun!

Activities and Games for Letter C

Activities and games can definitely make learning more fun. Hence, we have done a set of six simple activities on our phonics shelf of the week. Mainly, they all are Fine Motor activities that help us work on Pre-writing Skills.

9. Vegies Cutting | Carrot, Cabbage, Corn, Cauliflower, and Capsicum

Letter C Vegetables cutting activity to learn letter sound

During this play, my little one has become a vegetable vendor, selling only Letter C Vegetables. Later while cutting a vegetable, we have shouted out the corresponding letter sound and had fun.

10. Cars and Craft Sticks | Color Matching Game

Car and Craft stick activity for Letter C

This was a quick DIY that we have made long back to work on Fine Motor Skills. Now, we have included it on the Letter C phonics shelf for my vehicle lover. By holding and inserting the craft sticks one by one will improve pincer grip.

11. Solving 4 pieces Jigsaw Car Puzzle

4 Pcs Jigsaw- Wooden Car Puzzle

Solving puzzles can definitely refresh kids’ minds and helps to improve focus and concentration.

Presently, My little one is at the stage of solving 4 pieces puzzle. Unlike other crafts or coloring activities, puzzles can productively engage toddlers for a longer duration.

12. Montessori inspired Cactus toy

Montessori inspired Cactus Toy

Also, C is for Cactus. Hence, we utilized the very old toy from our limited Montesorri Toys collection to learn more facts about Cactus. Similarly, You can use a small quantity of playdough(green color) and a few toothpicks to play the cactus game.

13. Alphabet Cubes | Stacking & Sequencing

Alphabet Wooden Blocks

As the title suggests, we can request toddlers simply stack the cubes. Whereas, elder kids can try to stack them in alphabetical order.

14. Colorful Cars

Caterpillar Lacing Activity for Letter C

C is for Caterpillar! It would be very appropriate to plan Letter C activities based on the fantastic book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. In our case, we have already done enough set of activities based on that theme long back. So, I have included a simple ‘Lacing Activity’ on the Caterpillar theme.

Sensory tray or Tressure Basket for Letter C

Letter C Sensory tray

Basically, we have tried to include as many letter C words as possible during our play. Hence, our list includes Cow, Cookies, Cake, Candies, Cube, Cuboids, Cone, Clips, Caterpillar, Cars, Cactus, Crocodile, Clock, Crab, Carrot, Corn, Capsicum, and Cabbage. Alternatively, you can choose one particular theme from the above list and plan the activities based only on that.

Free Printable Chart/Flashcards for Letter C

I have created a display chart with ‘Letter C elements’ that complies with the Jolly Phonics, because, I personally felt that display chart will act as a visual reminder to kids. Thus, we recently started the learning board method at our house.

Alternatively, we can cut and make flashcards out of the Chart as per our choice.

Also, we can print a couple of copies and cut them to play the ‘Memory game’ while exploring the Letter C sound.

Now, You can download the FREE copy by clicking the below link:


More ideas on Letter C activities and Crafts

Additionally, you can check out the below link for more activity ideas to Teach Letter Recognition and Identification.

A peek at our week: Letter C Activities for Preschool


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