Visual Perceptual Skills | Letter ‘A’ Activities | FREE Printable

As a part of our home-based learning, We have just started exploring English Letter Sounds through fun activities. In this post, I am listing out only the Visual Perceptual activities we have done while learning Letter ‘a’. Along with that, I am uploading a couple of FREE printable Visual Discrimination puzzles as instant downloads.

In General, Visual Discrimination activities enable a child to interpret and identify the differences or similarities among objects. Indeed it is a great way to work on Visual perception, a vital skill in cognitive progressing.

‘A is for Axe’ | Shadow Matching Puzzle | FREE Printable

Basically, I wanted to show my toddler a picture of an Axe, while learning Letter ‘A’, just for visual understanding. Immediately after seeing so many axe designs on the internet, I come up with the idea of creating a Visual Discrimination puzzle with them! LOL!

Shadow matching A is for Axe

Here, I have chosen 8 random axe designs for toddlers to match with their Shadowed version. To make it easy, I allowed my toddler to solve only the top 4 pieces at first, instead of introducing all 8 at a time.


The letter ‘A’ Font Matching game | FREE Printable

Obviously, My toddler had more fun seeing the font ‘A’ in different styles. As the activity allows kids to explore different font styles, it will be helpful later when they actually start reading. On a happy note, the printable was so easy for me to create quickly with minimal effort, as it involves only one character! LOL!!

Matching Font style - Letter 'a'

Initially, We can introduce the first 4 matching pieces alone to make it simpler for younger kids. Then, we can include the remaining pieces to solve.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY The letter ‘A’ Font Matching game

Scissor Tracing Activity | Apple & Ant

In general, Scissor Tracing activities greatly improve Visual-Motor Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination & Concentration. We have already written a detailed post about Introducing Scissor Skills to toddlers here.

Tracing and Snipping Letter A Activity

As shown in the pic, We have included Apple & Ant here to learn the letter sound /a/ during the play. Moreover, these are simply hand-drawn on a thick sheet which will be easy for little hands to hold.

Recently, I got a fantastic scissors for my toddler. The first thing we love about the scissor is, it’s perfectly small and weightless for little hands. Secondly, they have really blunt tip which is assuring safety in design. Lastly, they are suitable for both left-hand & Right-hand users. Because often I felt like my bub is a kind of ambidextrous, so this is just perfect for us!

In case you would like to buy one for your toddler — > HERE YOU GO

Apple Tree Sorting Game | Uppercase & Lowercase Letterforms

Letter ‘A’ is one of the English alphabets with non-identical uppercase & lowercase combination. So, It is important to teach both letterforms to kids. For this purpose, we have included a simple DIY Apple Tree Sorting game in our letter play.

Things Required
  • Cardboard
  • Color pens
  • Dot Stickers or Apple Stickers or Apple shaped cut-outs


Sorting upper & lower case letter 'a' Activity

How to do
  • First, Draw the outline of two trees on cardboard & make a Cut-out of the same.
  • Next, Color the trees & mark Uppercase & Lowercase letterforms on them.
  • Now, Get the Dot Stickers or anything that resemble apple fruits for our play
  • Similarly, mark Uppercase & Lowercase letterforms randomly on those Apple fruits.
  • Finally, set-up a wonderful play invite for the toddler to have fun.

At the end of these activities, Kids will be able to

  1. Recognize the letter sound /a/
  2. Identify the objects begin with the letter sound /a/
  3. Understand & Distinguish Uppercase & Lowercase letterforms
  4. Explore a few important Skills development activities- Visual-Motor and Fine Motor Skills, Visual Discrimination Skills, Scissor Skills, etc.

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